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Over the recent years, Isaac Babel has become the darling Russian writer. Pasternak has faded a bit. And what's going on with Tsvetaeva?
Ah, the ups and downs of the Literary Writers stock market.

Tim, Tsvetaeva is still riding strong. There's a new "biography" of her comprising pieces her daughter wrote about her, and it's wonderful. I think (without knowing Russian, so take this with a grain of salt) that Pasternak was always a better poet than fiction writer and I love some of his poems.

Kelly and Tim: Thanks for the comments. I also love Pasternak's poems, including those he wrote as "Dr. Zhivago." Louis

i like this part of the blog:"Batuman gives a vivid account of how she rejected the world of "creative writing" and literary workshops to become an academic. She defends the long reviled and ridiculed practice of literary theory. While she decided against the fiction writing life, her pieces read like a strong contemporary novel, with strong passages of often absurdist dialogue that made me wonder if some of it were invented or embellished. She claims that all is real." is very good

The genocide in Darfur is now reaching its 7th year, with hundreds of thousands dead, millions displaced, and no end in sight. In The World and Darfur, the 12 contributors repeatedly compare the international response to the failure of intervention efforts of the Rwandan Genocide; the introduction by Roméo Dallaire articulates this viewpoint in simple terms. He asks, “as if murder, rape, systematic massacres, ethnic cleansing, and destruction of way of life are not enough to warrant a determined humanitarian response. What does “Never Again” mean in Darfur?”

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